News from January 2017


As the Executive Director of the Monahans Chamber of Commerce I would like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year and praying that you all have a very prosperous 2017. I would also like to thank you for being a valuable member of the chamber and showing your support throughout the years.

With the day to day details of business we all strive to achieve the best for our families,businesses, community and those organizations and people that are in need. We are all overloaded with things that must be done and have deadlines to meet in every aspect of our lives. With these priorities in today’s lifestyle, it leaves us very little time for anything else. With that being said; I am going to encourage you to look around at the community of Monahans and get involved in something that interests you or appeals to your heart. (Yes, add something else to your already full plate!) That last sentence seems to go against what I previously stated, but did you know that lending a helping hand to many of our service organizations only takes an hour of your week away from you? Do you know how much an hour of volunteering helps your community? Do you realize how much more we can accomplish if we have 20 volunteers instead of 5? Do you realize the rewards you receive from doing a good deed?

Organizations like Lion’s Club, Rotary, Ward County Greater Works, Kidz Zone, Special Olympics, Women’s Division of the Chamber, Monahans Chamber of Commerce, Tau Lambda Study Club, Desert Sands Garden Club, Ward County Historical Commission, Parcels of Hope etc. need your help. These organizations are a vital part of keeping our community at the best it can be. It services the needs of many and makes better citizens of the community. Please consider being a part of one of these beneficial organizations.

The Monahans Chamber is always striving to bring events and activities to our community. We are always in need of volunteers and sponsors of events so that we can continue to provide family entertainment and activities. Not only these kinds of things are needed, but also your attendance and participation in events hosted are very important to the existence of these events for the future. Listed below is a temporary Calendar of Events being planned for 2017. If you are interested in helping by a minimal sponsorship or volunteering with any of these please notify our office. Also, if you would like to become a member of the Monahans Chamber please notify us and we can accommodate you with the type membership that fits you. Choices include; individual or family, home-based or business.

Again, thank you for your devotion to the community of Monahans and helping to make it a better place to live, play and work.


Teresa Burnett
Executive Director

Calendar of Events
Taste of Monahans– April 10th
Chamber Golf Tournament– May 20th & 21st
Outdoor Movie Night– June 16th
Freedom Festival– July 4th
Fireworks Display– July 4th
Miss Monahans Pageant– July 4th
Tiki Island Water Park– July 13th & 14th
Outdoor Movie Night– July 14th
Women’s Division Pie Auction– July 29th
Butterfield– July 29th
Outdoor Movie Night– August 11th
Fall Festival– October
Clean Up Monahans– October
Christmas & Chili Market– December 2nd
Lighted Christmas Parade– December 4th

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