City Secretary

When is the general city election held?
The General City Election is held on the second Saturday in May. Early Voting location is at and on Election Day the voting location is the Monahans Independent School District Business Office located at 606 South Betty Avenue Monahans, TX 79756 (432) 943-6711 For related information on City elections you may contact the City Secretary.

How can citizens participate on City boards and Commission?
Citizens have ample opportunity for service as a board member as appointed by the Mayor and City Council appropriate careful review of board information. Although a few boards have special requirements, the only prerequisites to serving on most boards are an adequate amount of time and a sincere desire to become involved in the City community.

What is required to hold a garage sale?
Yes, a ten ($10.00) fee for a 3 day permit, only allowed 2 a year per household.

Are solicitors required to obtain a city permit?
Yes, each solicitor, whether an individual or an employee of a business, is issued a permit and must carry it while soliciting. The permit consists of the permit number; permit issue date and expiration date, solicitor’s name, address, physical characteristics and city clerk’s signature. There is a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) registration fee per person. The permit is valid for thirty (30)
Days. Questions regarding solicitors may be directed to the City Secretary.

Is there a charge for the permit?
Yes, a twenty-five ($25.00) per person administrative fee.

Where do you obtain a permit?
You can purchase the permit in the City Secretary’s office.