News from the Director


My favorite time of the year!  Fall, football, food and fun!

The Monahans Chamber of Commerce has been and will continue to be busy promoting, recruiting and building our community during this fast paced economic boom!  We are seeing much growth within our housing, motels, retail, industry, schools and tourism.

We have always known that we have the beautiful sandhills, sunsets and sunflowers, but who would have thought that all the rage for our area is the sand for sand mining to be used for frac jobs!!!  Yes, I am not kidding…..they want our SAND!  Trucks everywhere!!  We are thrilled at the prospect of our community thriving but this also brings along challenges.  We are up to the challenges, we are up to working in all ways possible to accommodate needs such as lodging, food and necessities.

I would like to invite you to visit our Sandhills State Park and experience the beauty of the Park and the peaceful calm that it provides.  While you are visiting Monahans, I encourage you to also visit our Ward County Museum at the Million Barrel.  You are in store for many treats as you visit these two amazing places.

We would also like to welcome anyone that is wanting to start a business in Monahans.  We would be glad to assist you in finding the ideal spot for your business and helping to make your business a success in our community.  Many business opportunities are available and can help make your dreams comes true while being a part of a place that provides a quality of life and family atmosphere.

Monahans Chamber of Commerce      “WORKING FOR YOU”


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